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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bend heavy plate?
Yes, we have a 350 ton press break that will bend 3/8" x 14' & ½" x 12'

If we order from you, can you deliver your products?
Yes, we have a 48' flat bed trailer and a 35 ton double drop low boy.

Do you do tank fabrication?
Yes from small tanks to 12' completely assembled and larger in sections.

Do you do sandblasting?
Yes, we have multiple blast cabinets and multiple portable sand blasting pots.

Do you offer industrial painting and powder coating?

Do you do plate rolling?
Yes 5/8" thick by 8'long capacity & ¾" thick x 4' long and down. We have 3 plate rollers on site

Do you provide any angle rolling?
Yes, up to 2 1/2" x 1/4".

Do you do pipe rolling?
Yes, up to 2" and square tubing up to 2".

Do you burn thicker plate?
Yes, we flame cut carbon steel plate up to 10" and plasma cut aluminum and carbon steel up to 2".

Can you weld aluminum?
Yes, and we do frequently.

Are your welders certified?

Do you provide field installation services?
Yes, we have a mobile field crew fully equipped?

Do you offer plant maintenance?

Do you do millwright work?

Do you offer powder coating?
Yes, we have on-site powder coating.